Why Sell Vintage Paint In Your Store?

1. Your customers will love it.

Customers love Vintage Paint because its a simple to use paint that gives them exceptional results with little effort.

Our pre-tinted colour range is convenient for customers to buy, and selected to appeal to both on-trend and classic styles. 

Vintage Paint eliminates the need for laborious prep-work such as stripping or extensive sanding of the existing finish.

Vintage Paint is a water-based paint that is safe for you to store and ship.

Vintage Paint is formulated by expert NZ paint chemists, with the end user in mind. 

Manufacturing is done in right here in Auckland, New Zealand, which ensures exceptional re-order times.

High quality ingredients are used in every Vintage Paint product so you can sell Vintage Paint with confidence and pride.

Vintage Paint have a variety of stockists in New Zealand and Australia, from small boutique stores to larger, nationwide retailers.

Vintage Paint is non-toxic so will appeal to environmentally conscious parents and pet owners.

Our supporting products provide up-selling opportunities. This will increase your customers experience and satisfaction when using Vintage Paint.

It is a quick drying paint that has a cure time of only 1/4 that of other competing paints on the market.

We go against the norm and produce see-through sample pots that customers are attracted to like a magnet. 

Our water-based formula provides quick and painless wash-up with soap and water.

Vintage Paint contains self-levelling and fast curing ingredients which will enhance customers' experience and results.

Vintage Paint is low odour which will appeal to your sensitive customers, or when painting in a confined room.

2. Wholesale customers benefit.

Our customer services team provide effortless ordering via phone, messaging service, fax, email or 24-hour on-line ordering on our website.

We have fast processing allowing most orders to be dispatched within 24 days, often on the same day.

Our wholesale rate provides you with an attractive markup on all our wholesale products

Our customer services team is available for expert support and advice by phone or email. 

Your first wholesale order is set at a low minimum, allowing you to grow into your inventory levels as your customers increase.

You will have access to quality resources to help you to promote and sell Vintage Paint.

3. Our brand is strong.

Voodoo Molly branding is memorable and  attractive that customers easily recognise, remember and seek out.

Voodoo Molly are recognised as industry leaders in DIY up-cycling products and workshops through NZ.

Customers are supportive and very loyal to our environmentally friendly, NZ made products.

Voodoo Molly offer various tutorials and how-tos across multiple platforms.

Voodoo Molly is highly ranked by google and is enhanced with Google Adword campaigns and SEO optimisation.

Voodoo Molly is a family owned business run by husband and wife team Lyall and Antonia Marino.