• Vintage Paint
    Easy Brush Formula is perfect for furniture transformations. Non-toxic, waterbased and available in 48 pre-tinted colours.
  • Vintage Wax
    100% non-yellowing, natural clear wax made from organic beeswax, and oils. Suitable for wood, paint and leather.
  • Vintage Chalk Powder
    100% natural chalk additive that is added to acrylic based paints. Make your own chalk style paint or chalkboard paint.
  • Vintage Clearcoat
    A non-yellowing, waterbased polyureathane, available in Low Sheen and Semi Gloss, and Wipe-on Clearcoat.
  • Neutral Basecoat
    A light grey neutral foundation that helps you to achieve greater vibrancy and coverage for bright colours.
  • Stainblock Primer
    An effective waterbased stainblocker for redwood bleed (tannin), ink & water staining. Pale lilac colour.
  • Metal Primer
    A waterbased metal primer to increase adhesion properties for steel, aluminium, iron, zincalume, stainless steel.
  • Bondcoat Primer
    A waterbased, smooth surface primer to increase adhesive properties for laminate, formica, glass, ceramic, PVC plastic.
  • Vintage Stain
    A waterbased wood & antiquing stain in 6 tints. Use to stain bare wood, or apply over painted surfaces for antiquing finishes.