Love the simplicity and 

quality of Vintage Paint


Arguably the easiest paint on the market

A safe and easy to use paint in 48 pre-tinted colours.   

    Minimum effort for maximum results 

    Non-toxic so safe for everyone

    Long-lasting finish without wax

    Fast drying - start and finish in one day 

    Made in NZ with quality ingredients  


Don't just paint it. Vintage Paint it.





"A totally amazing product, I've done up a few pieces and nothing has come out better 

then the one I've just done using this paint....beautiful finish and colours you just don't 

find at your standard paint shops. I will never use anything else!"   Katie S. Auckland


See Vintage Paint in action


Vintage Paint requires minimal 

prep-work and effort to achieve 

stunning results. 

Our new "Easy Brush" formula is quick to apply and gives a beautiful finish. 

No furniture home is safe from a Voodoo Molly, DIY makeover. 




No labourious prep-work

No need to strip back the existing finish

Three reasons to sell Vintage Paint

Help your customers turn their crappy furniture into happy furniture


Reason #1: It's easy

Each product in our range is designed with repeat purchases in mind. Your customers will love how simple it is to achieve an exceptional result with little effort. 

Reason #2: It works

We use high quality ingredients so you can sell Vintage Paint with confidence and pride. It is manufactured right here in New Zealand to the highest standard.

Reason #3: It's safe

Our non-toxic formula is safe for you to stock, sell and ship. This makes it safe for your customers to use, including parents and pet owners. 



"A totally amazing product, I've done up a few pieces and nothing has come out better then the one 

I've just done using this paint....beautiful finish and colours you just don't find at your standard paint 

shops. I will never use anything else!"   Jaime T, New Zealand


Gorgeous colour range

We've handpicked 48 beautiful pre-mixed colours



"Love this paint. Have used classic white, Paris grey and charcoal as well as the clearcoat. 

All amazing finishes and so happy with the result." An-Ya D, NZ


designed by experts

loved by amateurs


Let's compare 3 products ...



1. Vintage Paint

2. Regular Paint

3. Chalky Paint

No stripping required*

Pre-tinted colour range


Cures in only 7 days


Durable long-term


Acrylic based ingredients


 *Only if they want to!


simple complexity

easy to use, yet uses 22 complex ingredients 


     We did on homework 

A paint you'll love as much as we do. 

Our paint chemists toiled for over a year to create Vintage Paint.  After countless experiments and physical trials we discovered a unique combination of 22 ingredients. Vintage Paint was born and we love it. 



3 simple stockist criteria 

1. Store

You'll have a great physical retail store with regular opening hours.

2. Products

You'll already sell homewares, craft supplies, hardware or decorating products.

3. Location

You'll not be located too close to an existing Vintage Paint stockist.




 Due to variations in monitor screens the paint colours depicted on this website are indicative only. Photographic images are for inspirational purposes and may not depict use of actual paint.